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Our Promise.

  • To be punctual, responsible, empathetic and consistent when acting on behalf of our clients.
  • To be professional, transparent and committed when acting in the best interests of our clients.
  • To positively protect and meet the legal needs of each and every client.

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Lady ROCCI of the Year 2016


Gold Winner Legal Services Business of the year 2015 & 2016


Gold Winner Legal Services Business of the year 2015 & 2016


Our Team

The quality and magnitude of our work is a combined effort of the strength of our dedicated and skilled team.


Louise Cathrine Tonkin


“Obtained her B.Proc degree at the Rand Afrikaans University and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public. Louise Tonkin, Director and founder of Louise Tonkin Incorporated has a wealth of experience and over 28 years in the legal profession. Louise Tonkin’s range of expertise covers an array of legal portfolios, including Conveyancing, Estates, Commercial and Corporate Law and Notarial work. The diversity of Louise Tonkin’s work experience is vast, as she has, in addition to her established reputation, made her mark in Litigation early in her career, followed by 25 years as Conveyancer and a Director of Louise Tonkin Incorporated. Louise Tonkin has immense knowledge of the South African legal system and a passion for the profession that is evident in her principle to uphold honesty and fairness above all.”

Sarel Pelser Hay


“Obtained his LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is an admitted Attorney who has 10 years of experience. He is a young and dynamic attorney recently appointed director at Louise Tonkin Incorporated. As a result of his intense training in the field of High Court and Magistrates Court Litigation, his experience and knowledge in these fields place him on a level above the rest. Sarel is an extremely knowledgeable, a “go-getter” attorney with an appetite for intricate and complicated matters. He is always up to any challenge.”

Abrahm Senyema Gwangwa


“Obtained his LLB degree and was admitted as an Attorney in 2003. He is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, recently appointed director at Louise Tonkin Incorporated. He has a presence in the legal environment with an array of legal and business acumen. His skill set and legal experience is a valuable asset and contributes to his success as an attorney to be reckoned with, however maintains a humble, unassuming and honest reputation.”

Nanette Odendaal


Obtained her LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public. She is extremely precise and thorough in all she does. She has a gentle and kind demeanour and is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and any staff member in the firm.

Professional Staff

Karabo Zondo

Professional Assistant

Obtained her LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is a newly admitted Attorney. Karabo heads up our Estate department and is well versed in the Law pertaining to deceased estates. She is also being groomed to service our bond department and the financial institutions with whom we are affiliated.  Her eager, gentle and uplifting personality makes it a pleasure to deal with her at any time.

Liam Labuschagne

Candidate Attorney

Is in the process of completing his LLB degree and works full time in our Estate Department. He is being groomed into an excellent Attorney.  He has a thorough and precise approach when dealing with all matters. He has a likeable and pleasant demeanour and it is uplifting to deal with him at any time.

Bond Department

Elsabeth Von Rauenstein

Senior of Bond Department

Tayla Dednam

Bonds Secretary

Esther Du Plessis

Bonds Secretary

Transfer Department

Tanita Jacobs

Senior of Transfer Department

Michelle Petersen

Senior of Transfer Department

Lynette Luyt

Senior of Transfer Department

Annie Murhy

Assistant to Lynette Luyt

Bond Cancellation Department

Ursula Baker

Senior of Bond Cancellation Dept

Public Relations Department

Thabi Bukasa

Senior of Public Relations Dept

Tovae De Beer

Marketing & Social Media & Assistant To Louise Tonkin

Estates Department

Liam Labuschagne

Candidate Attorney

Karabo Zondo

Professional Assistant

Accounts Dept & Support Staff

Denise Du Plessis

Senior of Accounts

Sharon Farrell - Turner

Accounts Secretary

Gugu Zonke